This page demonstrates some of the projects that I have undertaken during my final year of the Business Information Technology course at Salford University.

Please feel free to browse through the projects and leave any comments you might have about them in the comments section below – Matt Wells .

Dig-It-Tell IT Security - The Human Factor

Dig-It-Tell IT Security - The Human Factor

As part of the Information Security final year module at Salford University, I was required to create an interactive digital artefact for a fictional Bio Metric fingerprinting authentication company called Dig-It-Tell. The artefact could have been based on any aspect of Information Security and I decided to base mine around the human factor.

Areas such as the Data Protection Act, company IT policy, access controls and mobile commerce were covered in the artefact which all play a huge part within the human factor of Information Security. I found this project to be very interesting and it certainly complemented my ambition to become a HRIS Manager. Information security is key when working with HR Systems as highly sensitive data such as salary and home addresses are stored within them.

You can view the artefact itself by clicking the ‘View More’ button.



As part of my e-Commerce and Advanced Web Design final year modules at Salford University, a website was created to advertise a business idea in order to explore how receptive the target market would be to it if developed and released.

The idea itself was called Snapchallenge and it was essentially an app which could have provided users with a platform to create photo challenges and send them to friends in order to earn points and climb global leaderboards. The app would have generated revenue via advertising and via sponsored challenges whereby businesses could have used our platform to advertise their products by setting up challenges for users to complete.

I worked in a team of three to complete this project and we employed techniques such as search engine optimization, market research, business modelling, functional and UX testing, website analytics and social media marketing. All techniques applied during this project were with a view to make Snapchallenge rank as highly as possible on search engine results pages and gain as much exposure as possible for the business idea.

Final Year Dissertation

Final Year Dissertation

In my final year of University I completed a dissertation entitled: An Exploration into Why Mobile Devices are a Security Risk in Business and What Factors Could Make an Employee Using Mobile Devices More of a Risk.

The main aim of my dissertation was to identify factors that could make somebody more of a mobile security risk to a business via a survey. I will make my dissertation available on this site in due course.

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